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Full Stack Marketing

As a full stack marketing agency, we focus on the goals of our clients and the customers you are working hard to reach. From email to social, analytics to apps, digital advertising to traditional advertising, we utilize a myriad of marketing tools to conceptualize scope, create all materials, set KPI’s, and manage to execution.



Palm Tree Interactive uses the current best practices to develop a strategy that optimizes ROI while maximizing your brand’s digital footprint. We utilize an inbound marketing approach but can also advise on account based marketing, and direct digital marketing if you are trying to market to one person in particular.


With decades of experience in the creative arts, our small team has an eye for detail that turns traffic into results. We love clean design, striking images, and poetic copy to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Trust us to crush all your creative needs.

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What else we provide?


Have a killer app idea? Need a product manager and an offshore dev team to execute lean? No problem! We work closely with the tech experts at Nestor Infoway to bring any viable software idea into fruition. Meet your budgetary requirements while having a team offshore and a product manager on site! We utilize the technologies you know and love including Xcode, Android Studio, Machine Learning, Cordova, Framework7, Trello, Whatsapp, Teamwork, and others to design, communicate internationally and execute on budget (and on time) any product you can imagine- from concept to completion. Once completed, our Digital Marketing services assure a smooth and successful launch and domination of the digital landscape. We only work with select clients, so order a free consultation today.


Need a commercial shot for your product?  We will shoot your commercial using a 4k drone, 4k Camera, top-notch actors and a great Los Angeles based crew. We will edit, produce original music for, and master you commercial. Portfolio available upon request.

Interactive Scripts

Writing is hard. And writing interactive branching storylines is even more difficult. Unless you are Palm Tree Interactive. Then it’s a fun hobby and service for upcoming personal and interactive fiction films or novels. Let us produce your branching script or read one of our current works and become a fan.

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What our clients say

“Love Palm Tree Interactive’s energy, enthusiasm and astute insights! Can’t wait to launch¬† our marketing strategies and take our organization to the next level!”

Mimi Cheung mcheung@benevolentvision.com

“Palm Tree Interactive has worked hard to understand the needs of my business, introduce new technologies, and create a strategy that has driven business to me and my team.”

Jeovani Rivas jeovani@jeovanirivas.com

Why Do Companies Love Us?

With a toolbox to make techies blush and a team of 10 offshore, Palm Tree Interactive can scale to handle the smallest or largest job you can toss our way. Moreover, companies love us because we have a unique 7 step process that includes deep business analysis, iterative creative design, and full stack marketing that utilizes omni-channel data to optimize strategies, ROAS, and ROI. We love our clients as well, and go above and beyond to make sure they are happy campers.


  • STEP 1 (Business Analysis): We learn your business voice, motives, mission, and model to tailor a plan to you!
  • STEP 2 (Digital Analysis): We analyze your digital footprint across all digital media.
  • STEP 3 (Full Stack Plan Outline): We create a 4 week (or more) Full Stack Marketing Plan and pitch your team.
  • STEP 4 (Strategic Execution): We manage and execute the plan. You get daily, weekly, and monthly updates.
  • STEP 5 (Campaign Optimization): We utilize quantitative data sets to optimize each campaign.
  • STEP 6 (Campaign Iteration): We utilize qualitative data to redesign non-optimal campaigns.
  • STEP 7 (Finalize): When renewed we repeat step 3. Otherwise we finalize ROI reports and hand out high fives.

Our Unique Recipe Consists Of:

Digital Marketing

About us

Based in Beverlywood, California (between Beverly Hills and Hollywood) Palm Tree Interactive is a small boutique agency that specializes in full stack marketing and development for businesses with under 1,000 employees. We are the perfect fit for companies looking to increase their social engagement, internet presence, and digital advertising footprint without the extensive budget large firms require. We pride ourselves with delivering perfect creatives, innovative strategy, and iterations that deliver ROI for your marketing and business goals..

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